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Lean TWI Summit

Set against the backdrop of picturesque Wrocław, Poland, the first Lean TWI Summit is poised to unfold on June 19th and 20th, heralding a new era for enthusiasts and professionals of Lean Management and Training Within Industry (TWI). This event is meticulously orchestrated to offer an immersive experience through a series of thought-provoking plenary discussions and hands-on workshops. It’s the perfect juncture for individuals committed to the principles of Lean Thinking and TWI to broaden their horizons, refine their expertise, and engage with a vibrant community of like-minded professionals. Opening Day: A Tapestry of Insightful Discourses The summit initiates with an array of stimulating presentations and in-depth case analyses, all delivered in Polish. These segments are designed to ignite passion and furnish attendees with profound insights into the application of Lean methodologies. Featured topics include: “Building High-Performing Teams” by Dave Christensen, which explores the transformative power of coaching strategies in…

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